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The 4/11

All of the details you need to know about working with Kiser Images. Before, During, & After 



Similar to a snowflake, no two weddings are alike, which means every investment is different. We want your investment to meet your needs! 


Kiser Images clients spend an average of $4000 on wedding coverage. 


Step One: Let's Chat 

Oh, how I love talking with my clients! We get to gab about all the details included in your wedding, talk about your dreams, and see if we are a good fit. 

We can chat over coffee, the phone, or even email if you are not the phone call type. I cannot wait to chat! 

Snow King Finals-38.JPG

Step Two: Paperwork

Ooof the less fun part.

I try to make this process as painless as possible. You will have two sections of paperwork: a set to book and a set after you book. 

To book you will fill out a contract and complete an invoice of 50% of your total wedding package. 

Step Three: Session(s) 

Eeeeep! Back to the good part!! 

This is one of my favorite parts (I love a lot of the parts). We get to hang out and capture a portrait session. You and your love can cuddle up together for an engagement, you can try out your dress for a bridal, or you can even hop into something intimate and capture a boudoir session. 

Or you can do all three! 

Finalizing Details & Your Wedding Day! 

It is all coming together! 

We will create a timeline, finalize your dream day, and print images from your portrait sessions. 

THEN! It is time for you to marry the love of your life and throw the party of the year! Cue your first dance song. 

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